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Shoppica in brief

Shoppica is a stylish custom made OpenCart theme (currently supported versions are 1.5.1.x / 1.5.2.x / 1.5.3.x). Loaded with tons of features, Shoppica gives you the power to build a unique looking online store and stand out of the crowd. The design of the theme is so generic that it can be esily adapted to a huge variety of ecommerce store types. Here are some of the Shoppica features:

  • Flexible widgetized layout, giving you the possibility to add/remove column and modules on every single page (e.g. single column product)
  • Fully updated semantic markup, using the popular 960 grid system
  • CSS3 highly optimized styling with minimum use of images
  • Jquery powered interface: Stylish image and product sliders, javascript client side validation (decreasing server loads), lightbox product preview (using jquery PrettyPhoto) and more
  • Top products intro - setting up groups of products in a carousel; you can put different product for every category!
  • Custom homepage banners
  • Pretty custom payment type icons
  • Footer information bar: custom text, contact details (phone, mobile, e-mail, skype), twitter widget, facebook like box
  • 2 columns custom layout; you can set the column position (left / right) and the product number per row (4 or 5)
  • 2 different site design styles: with fixed and full width
  • Unlimited color combinations; full control over the site elements' colors; you can set different colors for every category!

Basic typography

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Shoppica theme

Shoppica is an advanced OpenCart theme by ThemeBurn.com. The clean and modern design allows you to use the theme for every kind of online shop: clothes, accessories, electronics, furniture, books and so on. Shoppica allows you to customize many aspects of the layout and overall look&feel, so you can easily adapt the theme to your specific needs.

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